Sunday, 21 October 2007

(Some of) This Weeks Battles

Washington Post
Real Clear Politics

Someone has to fight them. I'd do more, but there's this thing I have called a "Life", my PhD, raising my son...


Anonymous said...

Your patience with twits like 'Pablo' is quite remarkable.

Zoe Brain said...

I can't claim any virtue there, Tex. Quite literally, anyone who has a condition like mine has to be both patient and extremely persistent, tenacious even. If they're not, they die. It's a survival skill that you have to develop.

Also, it makes good sense. A rational, cool answer is far more convincing to lurkers than some shrill, hysterical response. The whole idea of these posts is to educate, to let people know what the situation really is, and to counter the misinformation that's out there. Otherwise it's just vanity, for ego-boo.

3 years ago, I knew nothing about this. So I can't exactly blame anyone who is as ignorant of the facts as I was. All I can do is try to inform, to get at the grassroots, if you like.

We call it "moving the mountain one teaspoonful at a time", and that is what transition is like for many. I was lucky. I got the FTL version, which while it took some intellectual flexibility, didn't take the indomitable courage that most have to show.

That's why I feel obligated to do a bit more than most. "From those to whom much has been given, much will be expected." (Luke 12:48) Not that I'm a Christian, but I find a knowledge of scripture useful when dealing with certain opponents. So many of them are so ignorant of what their Bible actually says, e.g. Isaiah 56:4-5. They know what it says (their pastor told them), so don't actually bother reading it.