Sunday, 9 March 2008

And yet more

Once more into the Breach, Dear Friends!

At Dr Warren Throckmorton's, TransCanada, Canadian Sentinel, ColossiansThreeSixteen....

*SIGH* When will it end? Not in my lifetime. So much ignorance, so little time. So many repetitions, giving the same data, correcting the same old misconceptions. Sometimes I'll reach a hundred like this, sometimes only one - or none. But every little bit helps, every little bit increases the odds of getting better legislation, greater human rights, more understanding, and yes, more sympathy. Not as in "Pity poor little me", but sympathy as in "I never knew...". Empathy. That's what's required in the long term, if we get that, the rest will naturally follow.


Anonymous said...

I've followed a couple of the links to the debates you've been engaged in, for the most part they look like hotbeds of ignorance and bigotry - go to admire how you keep your cool in such forums.

Keep on fighting the good fight.

Dave said...

Things can change pretty fast. It is possible that you will see significant advances on this issue in your lifetime.
I admit that it's unlikely however.