Sunday, 2 March 2008

I'm Back

Normal Blogging will commence shortly.

In the meantime....
After the Montgomery County Council in Maryland added color to a law banning discrimination in public accommodations, citizens soon became aware that the new law would allow quadroons and octaroons who are confused about their racial identity to use the segregated bathroom or public shower facility of their choice. Theresa Rickman is director of Citizens for Responsible Government, the citizen group that launched a petition drive to have that law overturned.
Matt Barber, CWA's Policy Director for Cultural Issues, spoke with Theresa about the petition drive and the intimidation her volunteers faced from activist niggers in the county.

A Blast From the Past? The Bad Old Days of the KKK? Something from 1908 perhaps?
Not As Such, though I changed a few of the words to show just how deeply offensive the CWA is being here. The original was published on February 29th 2008.

"She-male" by the way is not only deeply offensive, but indicates the user has an unhealthy interest in a particular category of perverse pornography. The term is never found outside that genre.


RadarGrrl said...

About time! Where have you been, anyway? Halfway to the North Pole?

Anonymous said...

welcome back.

while u were away, did the catch the oz news where the cops told a bloke that his girlfriend use to be a bloke ? he then went home and beat her up.

the cops are in trouble for breach of privacy or something like that.


Lloyd Flack said...

Maybe the CWA members got their terminology from their husbands. Which suggests something about their husbands interests.

Anonymous said...

"indicates the user has an unhealthy interest in a particular category of perverse pornography"

Sorry, Zoe, but that's baloney. It doesn't indicate any such thing--and you wouldn't say that it did if you weren't angry enough to start insulting people gratuitously. You can be familiar with somethng because you're opposing it.

Just to be clear, I'm not saying you shouldn't be angry. I'm not saying that CWA policy and/or individual members aren't ignorant / bigoted / unreasonable (nor am I saying they are -- I'm not sufficiently interested to research). But cheap shots are usually bad tactics.

Zoe Brain said...

From TGterminology(PDF):

"shemale: A term, usually derogatory, used most often in the porn industry for a pre-op transwoman who has already developed breasts but still has an intact penis."

From Transgender terms and Definitions :

"A highly demeaning/derogatory term used to describe transgendered people. Term comes from the pornography industry, characterizing those with fem features and male genitalia. This term is also often used to portray "girls" involved in prostitution and pornography."

From Glossary of transgendered terms :

"A sexualized term popularized in pornography for a transgendered woman who has not had surgery. Often considered highly offensive."

Or just Google "she male" and "shemale". Then Google "transsexual". See the difference?

As for the "know thy enemy" argument, where the CWA et al have had to become, um, intimately familiar with the subject in order to oppose the concept, it doesn't wash. If they were doing that, they'd use different terms. Consider the Traditional Values Alliance's headline on a recent article (since removed when they realised even they'd gone too far this time):

Hillary Clinton She-Male Advisor Harasses Maryland Signature Gatherers

The "Harassment" is documented in its entirety at You-tube. It shows the whole of the incident, and was specifically pointed to by the TVA as their "evidence".

The petition did not, as required by state law, have a summary text of the proposition printed on each page, and was therefore illegal. Some signers were told it was a petition about another matter entirely.

I originally thought the TVA and CWA were merely misinformed, well-meaning but ignorant. I've been disabused of this notion. They lie. A lot. Constantly. It gets the money in.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do see the difference. So what? I'm already on your side-- it's not me you have to convince. But we are on the side of the not-normal, outnumbered a million to one. The default setting of someone who truly is ignorant-but-well-intentioned is not in our favor. So....flow like water.

Zoe Brain said...

The default setting, as you said, truly is not in our favour. The majority of our opponents are really quite nice people, doing their best as they see it. My kind of folks, really. And it has to be said that many of those on our side are not my kind of people at all, though I try not to be prejudiced.

I get upset when I see those opponents who are not well-meaning though, and have no compunction in turning over the rocks they hide under. But that's obvious.... *sigh*.

Thanks, laserlight.

Anonymous said...

Da. You're kinda like the Aussie SAS vs hordes of trash militia. They have the numbers. You have to make up for that with skill, intelligence, and perfect self discipline and endless endurance.
That kind of scenario is a lot more fun when it's on the tabletop instead of in Real Life (tm). But at least you're not getting your asas shot off.

Anonymous said...

Although US Special Forces might, in this instance, be more appropriate for you that ASAS.
De Oppresso Liber

Zoe Brain said...

But compared to women in Saudi, for example, I have it easy. One must keep a sense of proportion.

There truly are people fighting against oppression, risking their lives, risking torture, rape, and death from opponents who don't just use words, but flaying knives. And unlike the SASR or SF, they don't have firepower to defend themselves.

I appreciate the comparison with the snake-eaters (snake... yum!), but I'm not in their league, and I know it. I do "hearts and minds" though, as they do. It's a long-term strategy, you just have to keep plugging, and not lose heart. Fortunately we're good at this. And a remarkable number of us are ex-SASR or Special Forces in previous incarnations, it was good practice.

See Diane Schroer (PDF) for example:
In August 2004, before she changed her name or began presenting as a woman, Schroer applied for a position as a
terrorism research analyst with the Congressional Research Service (CRS), an arm of the Library of Congress (“Library”).

She was highly qualified for the position. Schroer is a twenty-five year veteran of the U.S. Armed Services, who held numerous critical command and staff positions in the Armored Cavalry, Airborne, Special Forces and Special Operations Units, and in combat operations in Panama, Haiti, and Rwanda....

As I said, good practice for the Main Event.