Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Now *This* Is Funny

Tobogganing in the Station. Read the whole thing.

A great blog. Australian police have to put up with a lot, but not as much as these guys. Yet somehow they've not just kept their sense of humour, they've kept their sense of fun. Even Superintendents. The better ones, anyway.

And it was time I took a break from Deep and Meaningful subjects, I've been entirely too serious lately.


RadarGrrl said...

That's just too funny, Zoebie!

When I was in the underground complex in North Bay, we used to have chair races in the halls on a midnight shift, or maybe a war involving rubber bands. Bad euchre scores would get broadcast over the PA system on the Ops Floor, too.

I've heard many stories about what some of the radar techs would do on some of the small stations, too.

Those were the days! Military culture seems to have lost a certain edge to it.

Anonymous said...

John Ringo published a short story involing potato sack races on board ship. It's set in Weber's Honorverse and I'm sure the US Navy would deny that it had any real basis in actual events.