Sunday, 27 April 2008

Some Good News

Regular readers will recall back in October, I posted about Raychel, the transgendered girl who was beaten and raped by her cousins.

Some recent news from a relative of hers :
The doctors have said that her physical damage will be "indistinguishable from fully recovered" -- which means that unless you both knew her before and knew she was attacked, you're not likely to pick up on a difference once things are done... though Raychel has emailed me venting about how much she hates her physical therapist! *grin*

As of today she was able to take 5 unassisted steps!
She's seeing a speech therapist too, to recover from the brain damage she received in that area as well.

That's one name that won't be added to the list of our dead this year. A Victory.

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