Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Must... Resist....

Today's Battles.

At the Lone Star Times:
Laws should be changed so these doctors can be executed...

Needless to say, I disagree. Others don't.
The only surgical help these seven year olds require is for their parents to receive lobotomies.
The doctors and those at the hospital administration who signed off on this revolting perversion should be jailed for child abuse. And throw away the key. And no protection from the rest of the prison population either!!

The parents should be punished too - jail as well - they deserve to have their children taken away from them because by allowing this unnatural process they have demonstrated they are unfit parents.
Involuntary brain mutilation, Life sentences, incitement to rape... nice people.

And at Whizzbang :
But today, far from being a horror inflicted by a monster like Dr. Mengele, this is something our society is supporting. Parents are paying this man to barbarically mutilate their children.
The Doctor in question is merely putting puberty on hold with gonadotrophins, no surgery involved. But the commentariat and article author aren't interested in facts. They just want an excuse to kill and feel good about it. Think I exaggerate?
There is an action someone should take against the phony doctor, but it's still illegal to kill idiots so it's not recommended.
It's only the prospect of getting caught and punished that prevents them.

Now World On The Web, and the definition of Man and Woman. Rational, polite, no death threats, even humane. A breath of Fresh Air.

On to Fox News, and the usual reactions of disgust, "a sign of the end times", "God does not make mistakes" etc etc. Along with some counter-argument from a number of TS people. One comment tore at my heart. With just minor changes of wording, I've seen it dozens of times before. It must come close to being in 3 figures now. We're all so stereotyped. Only minor details change, it's the same story, over and over and over and over again. I hope she gets help soon, good, reliable and experienced help. When it gets that bad, it's soon do or die. Literally.

Now back to my PhD Thesis proposal.


Asher Abrams said...

Zoe, thanks for posting this. And thanks also for your informative comments over at Wizbang. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

What about the involuntary sterilization of seven year olds? I guess the spaying and neutering of human children is acceptable in the TS world. All in the name of "diversity", of course.

Anonymous said...

You can quote all you want about scientific hypothesis this and medically proven that - you miss one glaring fact that is deeper and more significant than research

It’s just plain wrong to encourage a 7 year old boy to become a 7 year old girl so that he/she can then have the surgery to become a 21 year old it.

To suggest otherwise places you in the same wretched specimen jar as Mengele.

Zoe Brain said...

hamous - no-one is doing any involuntary (or voluntary) sterilisation at that hospital, of 7 year olds, 17 year olds, or 27 year olds.

They do, however, treat some boys who were involuntarily sterilised when young at other hospitals. The ones whose genitalia wasn't quite standard. So on the grounds that "it's easier to make a hole than a pole", some surgeons try turning them into girls, surgically.

This often leads to "gender dysphoria" in childhood, where boys surgically altered to look like girls insist on being boys anyway.

Dr Spack helps such boys regain as much of their manhood as they can. But because they look like girls, this is misunderstood.

Gender is not in the genitalia, it's in the neurology. The brain. The mind. And it's so basic, it is very difficult to change. It takes the equivalent of a psychiatric meataxe, and causes damage to the mind in other areas, whether you end up changing gender or not.

Surgery is not performed at that hospital. I don't know how many ways I can say that before some people will get the message.

Zoe Brain said...

Anonymous - should I call you Ann? I rather think Norm D. Ploom might be more suitable though. Please forgive me if I'm wrong, sometimes it's difficult determining gender from a comment.

Moving right along....

You can quote all you want about scientific hypothesis this and medically proven that - you miss one glaring fact that is deeper and more significant than research
You might be right, especially if the research is iffy. But it helps to have some evidence if you are. Please indulge me, and tell me why you think this in this case.

It’s just plain wrong to encourage a 7 year old boy to become a 7 year old girl so that he/she can then have the surgery to become a 21 year old it.
I totally agree. But please define "boy" and "girl", that is the crux of the matter. For that matter, please define "it".

It is my contention, not based on hypotheses or guesses, but measurable medical data, that at least some of these children are not "boys who want to be girls" but "girls who want to be girls".

I define "girl" not by shape, but by mind. A product of the brain's morphology.

Please remember my unusual viewpoint. I'm Intersexed, neither 100% male in body, no 100% female in body. Perhaps you would call people like me "It"s.

I used to look like a mildly defective male. Puberty was not complete. Then my rare Intersex condition caused me to look like a mildly defective female. Various medical tests using 21st century technology proved that indeed, that is what I was and always had been. A severely Intersexed woman.

The point is though that my mind remained unchanged. I "knew" I was a girl when I was 10 years old. That's when I picked the name "Zoe".

That is because I had a female brain. Most of the rest of my body had developed along masculine lines in the womb, but not my nervous system. And later, much later in fact, my body feminised, as it was always supposed to. It now matches my mind.

What this hospital does, is allow children who start adolescence to delay their physical puberty. It can be devastating for a young girl to start growing facial hair. Boys aren't thrilled with getting periods either.

Now should their "gender issues" resolve, as they do most of the time, the gonadotrophic drugs are discontinued, and normal development resumes. They're just confused gays (yes, all those who resume are homosexual, almost no exceptions).

But in a large minority of cases, about 1 in 3, it's obvious that the neurology and the body don't match. These children are neuralogically Intersexed, neither wholly male nor wholly female. The mind is one gender, the body another. Well, mostly. Often there are other Intersex problems too, it's not just the brain that's affected.

Whether it is better to let such children develop as the gender their minds are hard-wired unchangeably to be, at the cost of sterility, or to euthenase them, or less kindly, deny them treatment so they go slowly or quickly insane and kill themselves (the usual consequence) I leave up to you.

50% of such children self-harm by age 20. Between 5-30% don't make it to age 20, they've killed themselves before that age. Most of the rest have substance abuse or alcohol abuse problems, just to relieve the misery. If they show such obvious signs at so early an age, and don't get treatment, the odds of them reaching 30 with a functioning mind are zero. I can think of no recorded cases. None, zero, all dead, and in the most miserable and degraded manner possible.

Only those like me who had a mild case get to survive longer. Even then, most crack by age 45.

So... knowing that... what would you do if it were your child?

That's what it comes down to. Not Political Correctness (and I'm Right Wing by the way). Not some fashionable liberal nonsense. Not even the science, and the autopsy results, and the limbic nucleus this or hypothalamus that.

Would you rather have a dead child preserving propriety and sparing the family embarrassment, or a live child who is an "it" as you put it? There is no third alternative.

I won't discount the power of Prayer. But prayer has proven exactly as effective as a cure for this as it is at regrowing amputated limbs. The success rate is not high.

Anonymous said...

Castration, whether chemical or surgical, is still castration. Fiddling with hormone levels of children because of some quack perceives the child is a "girl trapped in a boy's body" is abhorrent.

Spack offers his younger patients counseling and drugs that delay the onset of puberty. The drugs stop the natural flood of hormones that would make it difficult to have a sex alteration later in life, allowing patients more time to decide whether they want to make the change.

Spack also offers some teenagers hormone therapy, a drastic step that changes the way they grow and develop. While the effects of drug treatments can be stopped, long-term hormone therapy can be irreversible, causing permanent infertility in both sexes.

Also note that comments were made on LST regarding the use of radical hormonal manipulation in cases such as yours where the sex is physically ambiguous. That is a whole other matter.

Anonymous said...

I would not say that there are no survivors of such a childhood, as I would have been a perfect candidate as a child. And yes I had my share of alcohol and drug abuse, but I survived, often with the suicide option in mind. Yet starting my real life test with 36 would place me in the late categorie. I made a lots of mistakes on the way, but I started my feminzation at 25 and would have, if anyhow possible done so before puperty. Which a lot of girls do now with better information and access to sources often themselfs before puperty. I would not say that I survived TS. My testosterone scars often make me very depressed and the process of becoming physically a woman is not in the final stage now. But after surviving so long, I have hope.

Anonymous said...

Teh stoopid! It burns!

Anonymous said...


Love the cartoon! And keep up the good fight because WE ARE GOING TO WIN. We will triumph over ignorance. I have also been busy of late countering a lot of the BS out there. Just wanted to add one more statistic for you detractors out there:

Many ask "What about regrets?"

The Dutch gender program has been active for over a decade and they haven't had a single person change their minds! Dr Spack has been in business for about 5 years and reports the same!! These kids know who they are!

One more note Zoë: Now that I've been banned from BL I'll have more time for my advocacy work.


Zoe Brain said...

Sarah - you have no idea how glad I am to be wrong. Congratulations on your survival, your spiritual and emotional strength is awesome and inspiring. You must be 1 in a thousand.

Leah - while my HRT dose is being changed around so much, I've put myself on voluntary vacation as a moderator at BL.

We're trying to replicate conditions this time 3 years ago, to try to get a quick fix of the masculinisation I had recently. In 2003 my emotions were all over the shop, so my judgement now must be suspect. It *seems* ok, all the problems so far are the same physical side-effects (digestion mainly), none of the psychic ones. I think that my neurology can't be re-wired by hormones any more than it has been. I got masculinised as much as I could be, then feminised as much as I could be, and any hormonal chaos after that won't cause re-wiring.

But just in case, I've recused myself from moderating until everything's stabilised again.

My impression was the banning was only supposed to be a short cooling-off period after some very tense posting. If you wish it to be permanent, or wish it to be only for a week, please let me know, and I'll relay that to the other mods.

You've graduated anyway. You don't need it, to state the bleedin' obvious. Although you could help there in future as you have done so often in the past, it may be better to concentrate on more conventional activism. You have the talents and the personality just right for that. But that's your call. You could always just lurk anyway.... maybe some medical contribs...if you had the time.

Please keep in touch, no matter what you do. I'm sorry I saw you for only a few moments in Montreal. I wish it had been much longer.