Saturday, 26 July 2008

Today's Battle

Over at The Conservative Voice.
Governmental conspiracy is a word that creates a negative connotation in most people's minds. Most people would deny a conspiracy theorist's opinion that the United States could become a police state or that Christians in America could encounter extreme persecution. Therefore, anyone who purports such conspiracies would be labeled a lunatic, someone who needs to be placed in an insane asylum because he or she has lost their mind.
I would not disagree with that too strongly. A good start.
But, the current bills that America's elected politicians are attempting to legislate into law could very well create a police state and or deny Christians their religious freedoms. Just take the time to scrutinize these new bills that are being proposed in Washington, D.C. and by some state general assemblies.
Finally, a very sickening "smoke screen" bill was enacted into law in the state of Colorado. State Senate Bill 200 was passed by the legislature and signed into law by Governor Bill Ritter. Basically, the new bill will permit transgender men and women to use any public restroom that they desire. It would also require Christian businesses to provide their services to transgender men and women, too, even if it would require them to go against their personal religious beliefs . If not, these Christian businesses would have to pay large fines and possibly spend up to one year in jail. Ultimately, this abominable bill is a general attack on morality and a specific attack against Christians and their freedom of religion. It is just another governmental conspiracy to force the pro-gay rights’ agenda on American citizens, specifically the citizens of Colorado. However, some of these same type activities are taking place in Maryland and New Mexico. Therefore, if you do not want these godless situations to take place in your state, now is the time to investigate what your state legislature might be plotting to do to the citizens of your state. In fact, could the new laws in your state actually be worse than the outcome of Senate Bill 200 in Colorado? God forbid that this type of legislation would be able to pass in any other state.
As I point out, they already have done. In 13 states, in fact. Churches remain open, sacrifices of virgins remain unperformed, and Christians remain untroubled by the Secret Police.

But go read it. You see, hyperbolic words in themselves are not harmful. But when people believe them, and believe that the forces of Law and Order are out to get them, to steal their daughters and rape their sheep, well, they are forced to take matters into their own hands in sheer self-defence. And people die.

The count in Colorado that we know of is one with her skull and chest smashed in who is slowly recovering from brain damage, and one with her skull and chest smashed in who died. Same Modus Operandi in both cases, with the victim's car stolen to make the getaway.

I know the first victim, the one who survived, you see. Calm objectivity is difficult under those circumstances, yet is essential if we are to solve the problem.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should post a story on the girl who got ostracized and backstabbed by those she thought were family, contributing to her reconsideration of suicide as a pretty good idea, having lost everything else in her life.

Hasn't happened yet, you say? Maybe it's playing out as you speak.

Dave said...

anonymous, that is not a solution. That is handing the ultimate victory to your enemies.

death sucks. unfortunately, life sometimes is about really painful struggles. you can move on.

not everyone is a backstabber. not everyone is intolerant or hateful. In time you will be glad you didn't do it.