Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Chez Brain

In Google Maps - now with Street View.

It's a quiet street. We like it.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure this post is wise?

Anonymous said...

ditto. not so much showing the street, but giving out the location.

but my first thought was 'is the drought that bad ? the grass is all dead'

Zoe Brain said...

The URL is sufficiently mangled to defeat most simple robots. More sophisticated ones would mine the white pages and other sources anyway.

I did think about the issue beforehand, and 2 years ago, when data mining bots were not so capable, would not have done it. The mangling wouldn't have defeated sophisticated bots, and they wouldn't easily have gotten the data from anywhere else. Now they can, and the feline has escaped containment.

Had my name been Jane Smith, the situation would be different - but my name and initial combo is a near-unique key. And in order to see my addy, someone has to click a link anyway, it's not visible through an image search.

As for the drought - the pic would have been taken in December last year, after we'd had some rain. Before that, it would have been drier. We're still on stage 3 water restrictions.

RadarGrrl said...

Very nice. Something like a certain little Victory House here on Sidney Street, except without the massive white van in the drive.