Saturday, 25 October 2008

David Beckham

Normally I have no interest in sports. This time though, I do.

I wrote an answer to an article in the LA Times about the footballer David Beckham's return to the Big League of European Soccer, after a short time playing in the USA. The original article read, in part:
With David Beckham poised to move to AC Milan on a loan deal, it is worth considering: What is he leaving behind here?

The Galaxy, wrapping up another losing season, has failed to reach the MLS playoffs in both of Beckham’s seasons with the club.
Here's my reply,in the same spirit:
When Becker left the big league to come to the US, both he and the new club may have had unrealistic expectations.

I think that he must do what's right for him, and I don't think anyone else should have a say in it. Maybe it was a learning experience, or maybe he'll return to the states again, when conditions are better. Only he can make that decision, and others should but out and not speculate.

True Becker Fans, and there are many, don't care who he plays for, nor on what team. They just want to see his spectacular talent, and wish him well, unconditionally, as a player and as a human being. Even those who are Galaxy fans, and cheered loudest when he joined their team.

I'm cheering him on just as loudly no matter who he plays for, now or in the future.

The byline of the sports journalist? Mike Penner.


Unknown said...

:) Subtle, Zoe. Well said. Well done.

Unknown said...

...but I'm not seeing your comment on the LA Times site. Did it get removed?

Anonymous said...

Neither one was a team player. Each paradigm has its own synergy.

Zoe Brain said...

Comments are moderated, so it took a while to appear.

Subtle? Elliptical, yes, but about as subtle as a meat axe. As was Mike's first article after he returned.

Battybattybats said...


That was well done.

I hope he gets the message.

little light said...

Nicely done. Hope the message gets through.