Thursday, 29 January 2009

The Particle Zoo

(Click to enlarge)

Home of the Plush Subatomic Physics Particles


Frederick Paul Kiesche III said...

Those are great--as are the plush germs set. Let's get our kids learning science!

My daughter had a set of several stuffed dinosaurs. Now of course, it is all Bakugan, all the time.

Chris said...

Oh, how I need these. ALL OF THEM

Zoe Brain said...

The Complete Set. With Antiparticles.

What I think is neat is that the massless ones are filled with styrofoam, the heaviest ones with polished aquarium gravel.

Yes, I want, but I have better things to spend $400 US (postage inc to Australia) on.

I think I always will do. Like helping someone who's destitute with the cost of 8 months worth of hormones. Possibly saving a life.

Oh well. *wistful sigh* Just think how lucky I am to have something even better to spend my money on!

lsl said...

Those are adorable!