Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Line

Click to enlarge this story of two young women.

From subnormality.

I've been told in various comments on my blog that I feel a sense of responsibility about matters of injustice. That I always did. I suppose that's true. But it all comes down to this : Which side are you on?

And I'm not facing the guillotine.


Zimbel said...

While I've never been perfectly on either side, I transitioned probably when I was about 19. By the age of 20, I'd joined rights organizations whose goals I'd dismissed as little as two years earlier (I still have some of my writings from the time).

Interestingly enough, 19 was roughly the same time as I did probably the most difficult thing I've ever done... separated from my religion.

I wonder if there's a direct correlation or coincidence. According to one of my poems from the time, I felt that there was a direct correlation.

My recollection is that the former pre-dated the later. However, the mental processes involved in doing both were fairly similar (if longer and more involved for leaving my religion).

Anonymous said...

u cant do a lot when ur dead.

while sophia stand for her beliefs were right, we shouldnt 4got those people who made a choice to keep quiet, go with the flow, and only later spoke about the evils that were carried out

if everyone was killed who knew sophia and her story, people 2day wouldnt be reading about it - and using it as a positive message.

the other bit is regards the media. we also need to be thankful for those in the media who tell the truth. They could have reported that sophia was killed after being caught murdering children, or killed in prison after being found guilty of mugging old ladies. Sophia's stand wouldnt have made the impact if poeple didnt know the truth of what she did.

trudi could have done a lot of things that made a different in the world - if she finally decided 2 make a stand for what was right

sophia made her stand in 43. trudi could made her stand later