Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Just a Coincidence

Trigger Warning for any Trans woman.
Have hankies ready before viewing.
You're about to see your soul exposed.
If you're pre-op, I need say no more.
If post-op, some very emotionally loaded memories will be recalled.

If a trans scriptwriter were to base a character on the distorted webified impression of a Trans/IS Rocket Scientist doing a PhD in evolutionary computation, a woman who was one of the more visible small fish in the even smaller pool that is the trans community... it might turn out something like Zoe. Or maybe the scriptwriter's just a Dr Who fan.


Fran said...

Indeed, it does bring back memories, even though I was't a Trans Rocket Scientist, but only a Trans Imagineer. :-)
Is it from a Dr. Who episode?

Kathrin said...


Fran said...

Thank you, Kathrin!!

Bunny said...

I understood it, completely. But it didn't jerk any tears. It would have though if she didn't get that hug she wanted at the end.

Anonymous said...

I watched this Caprica episode with my partner Friday night, and I started crying at this scene, and a few others. Other scenes that got to me include:

The scene where the technicians were debating her sexuality (he / she), and one referred to her as an "it". Last week I overheard some asshole referring to me as in "ask her, or whatever *it* is"...grrrr

The scene where her mother calls her a monster made me wonder what my mother will think when we have "the conversation" I'm planning with her. I have not seen here in a couple years and no longer look anything like her son.

Maybe I'm hypersensitive right now, because of what I'm going though. Whatever, I love this show!

Marie from Minneapolis

Anonymous said...

Yeah Zoe, being a 'me'... I've been alienated by so many so often growing up. To finally be labeled a chimera and a freak...not even human. *sigh* I totally understand the sentiments in that clip.


Angel said...

I'm sitting here watching Caprica now, and yeah, I understand what you mean.

I also have a better understanding now, of why the Cylons were so pissed off at the humans (similar to why I spent so much of my life being pissed off at God).

Anonymous said...

Could you repost this please? The link doesn't work anymore

Zoe Brain said...

Not quite as good as the original, but the only clip I could find with the exact same segment.