Tuesday, 20 July 2010

No Comment Necessary

From the Gender Identity Empowerment Coalition
A Trans woman (name obfuscated) and her partner (name obfuscated) had been inhumanely dehumanized, mistreated and disrespected while making a visit to the emergency center of Ball Memorial Hospital located at 2401 University Ave. Muncie, IN 47303.

The above individual was taken in by her life partner on July 18th, while coughing up a large volume of blood. The intake personnel of the emergency center were shown her Indiana state ID which had her Female name and Female marker in clear print, despite this, they still entered her into their system as a Male. The staff then proceeded to ridicule her, while loudly referring to her as "IT". Her life partner was asked by individual staff members with raised voices, if she was a "He-She".

The patient was then quizzed about her length of time as a "Transvestite" when she clearly identified herself as a Transgender Female prior to that.

The patient is suspected to have an inactive or active tumor within her lungs that may be the cause of mass bleeding and oral expulsion of it; Yet, according to the patient, Ball Memorial has refused to provide treatment of her with the accompanying statement to the effect of: "we do not know how to treat someone like her".
Unfortunately, this kind of thing is not uncommon.


Austen said...

I live in Indiana - indianapolis, in particular, which is sort of its own little world in the middle of deep-south, small town philosophy. This is frankly quite terrifying, and I'd hoped that this wouldn't hit so close to home. :(

*Scratches this hospital off her go-to list*

Justine Valinotti said...

How is it that some of the worst transphobia of all comes from health-care workers?

It's one thing to get a gender pronoun wrong. But it's just malicious to call someone "it" or "he-she."

Emilie said...

This story is not an uncommon experience for trans-identified people. As I was beginning my gender transition, my MD referred me to a prominent Endocrinologist for a blood workup and a recommended hormone regimen prior to beginning my hormone replacement therapy. I was refused treatment by this particular Endocrinologist when I attempted to schedule an appointment, and subsequently by the only other two Endocrinologists in private practice in the Pacific Northwest city where I live. The reason given by all three of these Mountebanks was, "We don't treat people like you." Their actions are unconscionable because it tends to relegate trans-people like me to secure their hormones on-line without a prescription and to self medicate, which could have deadly consequences. Needless to say, I consider the Endocrinologists that I attempted to secure medical care from as Pariahs.