Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Disordered or Just Different? Myth, Science, and Sexuality.

I've blogged about one of the true experts in the biology, and the science of sex and gender, Dr Veronica Drantz before.

This is a slideshow of her latest presentation on the subject. The content is similar to what is currently being taught to psychology and medical students at the ANU - though without the trenchant criticism of the Theologues and Quacksalvers.

I've scheduled posting this in advance, because I'll be on my way to Denmark when it gets published.


Unknown said...

The slideshow was moved before I could veiw it.

SarasNavel said...

Click on the 'drdrantz' link at the end of 'View more presentations from drdrantz.', on the page that opens it should be the first one, titled, 'Disordered Or Just Different? Myth, Science, and Sexuality'. Viewable as of 3pm (-ish) PST.

Zimbel said...

Pages 109-110 were the most interesting ones to me. I also liked the non-binary gender models from page 119-126.