Sunday 15 August 2010

The Fractal Futurama Evolution Episode

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For a view of a similar topic from 1983, have a look at the Prologue to James P. Hogan's Code of the Lifemaker.

And in about 48 hours time, I'll be on my way to ALIFE-XII - the 12th International Conference on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems, where I'm giving a paper.

The paper is called "Using Meta-Genetic Algorithms to tune parameters of Genetic Algorithms to find lowest energy Molecular Conformers, by Brain and Addicoat.

We used evolution to evolve a good evolutionary algorithm for helping determine biological properties of long-chain molecules. The good algorithms got to survive and breed, the less fit ones died out, till we had a "tuned" genetic algorithm that worked well.

As above, so below - with variations on a theme.


Anonymous said...

What is it that we are seeing, Professor Brain? What does it represent?

Very pretty.

Zoe Brain said...

Not Professor Brain, nor even Doctor Brain - yet.

This is a pretty good basic explanation for the layperson.

Anonymous said...



My head just exploded.