Saturday, 4 September 2010


Sometimes you find the most terrifying comments in the most unassuming places on the Net. For example a blog on Buddhism, and a post called Buddhism & Bhikshuni Ordination: Why are Religions Scared of the Vagina?. A post on female ordination of Buddhist nuns, basically. I'll quote from Wiki:
The Vinaya (a word in Pāli as well as in Sanskrit, with literal meaning 'leading out', 'education', 'discipline') is the regulatory framework for the Buddhist monastic community, or sangha, based in the canonical texts called Vinaya Pitaka. The teachings of the Buddha, or Buddhadharma can be divided into two broad categories: 'Dharma' or doctrine, and 'Vinaya', or discipline. Another term for Buddhism is dharmavinaya.

At the heart of the Vinaya is a set of rules known as Patimokkha (Pāli), or Pratimoksha (Sanskrit). The Vinaya was orally passed down from the Buddha to his disciples. Eventually, numerous different Vinayas arose in Buddhism, based upon geographical or cultural differences and the different Buddhist schools that developed. Three of these are still in use. The Vinayas are the same in substance and have only minor differences. Buddhists in Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, and Thailand follow the Theravadin Vinaya, which has 227 rules[1] for the bhikkhus (male monastics) and 311[2] for the bhikkhunis (female monastics, though the female order died out centuries ago and recent attempts to restore it are controversial). Buddhists in China, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam follow the Dharmaguptaka Vinaya [3][4] which has 250 rules[5] for the bhikkhus and 348 rules[6] for the bhikkhunis. Japan technically follows this, but as many "monks" in Japan are married, they are more rightly considered "priests" (ie specialists in performing ceremonies). Other Japanese monks follow the Bodhisattva Precepts only. Buddhists in Tibet and Mongolia follow the Mūlasarvāstivāda Vinaya, which has 253 rules for the bhikshus and 364 rules for bhikshunis (in theory, as the female order was never introduced in Tibet). However, the Dalai Lama has authorized followers of the Tibetan tradition to be ordained as nuns in traditions that have such ordination.)
It would take considerable imagination to see how such a thing could be associated in any way with something terrifying. But here's a comment on the post:
Just an opinion from East Europe.

The majority of Ukrainian society still cherishes traditional values on gender, marriage, sexuality. Some of them are, indeed, outdated, but others must remain, I believe.

Most of people I know (college, university graduates, other well-read people with close to Buddhist outlooks) view the coming of modern gender, feminist, gay-positive, transsexual as a destructive propaganda, which is promoted by certain circles aiming to corrupt and delude young peoples' minds.

Everywhere in the media they create an image of sexually deviant people as being "cool", advanced, romantic heroes (which they are not, of course). What a young, unsophisticated mind has to counter this? Nothing. It just takes on the cool gay image. I've seen this everywhere in Kyiv and major ukrainian cities. That looks disgusting, even to my Ukrainian Theravadin eye. I start missing a bit of Hitler, you know:)

The same story happened for all developed Western countries, sooner or later. And those at the wheel(Jews, Masons, Maras or whoever they are) with immense propaganda and brainwashing resources surely succeeded in changing European peoples' values.

Well, that's the worldly part of it. Where I'm heading to is that the quest for bhikkhuni ordination started perfectly in line with all this gay equality movement. Some see it as a just struggle for equality, but the forces behind the movement are undoubtedly trying to corrupt the Theravadin Sangha.

When|if they succeed, they will proceed with promoting ordination for transsexuals and hermaphrodites) (which was, in fact, prohibited by the Buddha in the Vinaya).

Later on they will demand the same for sexless aliens, for animals (why not - they are sentient beings, how can we deny them ordination!) Al of this will be done under the excuse: "The times are changing, so are the Vinaya rules. The Buddha surely wouldn't mind:))"

In part, I am a Theravadin due to this school's clutching to the Tradition and Buddha's original message. Whoever likes flexible new-age values, can switch to Mahayana at will.

Let Theravada remain a sanctuary for traditionally-minded people!

A bit about myself. My name is Yuriy. I am 34, half Ukrainian and half-Lithuanian, well-traveled, two bachelor's degrees, Theravada Buddhist|Nazi-Socialist, in 1999-2001 ordained and practiced as bhikkhu for 2 years.

And yes, I am scared of the vagina too, as is every unenlightened dick-possessing heterosexual:))
He seems an intelligent, educated and ethical individual, possessed of an unassuming wit. Quite a nice guy. But should he ever attempt to put into practice his views, it would be vital to prevent that, by whatever means necessary.

Theravada Buddhist|Nazi-Socialist. Good Grief.


Anonymous said...

He seems an intelligent, educated and ethical individual, possessed of an unassuming wit

No, he is by no means ethical. Look what he says: I start missing a bit of Hitler, you know:)
...sexually deviant people as being "cool", advanced, romantic heroes (which they are not, of course).
...promoted by certain circles aiming to corrupt and delude young peoples' minds.

He is full of bullshit conspiracy theories And those at the wheel(Jews, Masons, Maras or whoever they are) that he thinks are "corrupting" his privileged position and his traditional values. He fears losing his white, straight, male privilege because the younger generation is not being taught his cherished pet prejudices that he was taught. Therefore he spreads his "ethical" warning, seeking to retrain yet another generation in the bigotry he so gleefuly embraces.

Ethical? Yeah, right.

Zoe Brain said...

I'd say narcissistic and paranoid too. The fault is always someone else's, a conspiracy which means that these superior people don't get the recognition they deserve. It's all a communist plot! Usually be the Jews or the Masons.

But he's ethical as well. Note that most National Socialists were not. In addition to them being, well, Nazis I mean.

It's possible to have a code of ethics that is utterly evil. It's the difference between Ethicism and Morality.

Many people on the Far Right in the USA would agree with him... up to the point where he says he's a Nazi. Then they'd run away screaming.

Justine Valinotti said...

"Narcissistic and paranoid": If one wants to encapsulate the homo- and trans-phobic (and misognynistic) right in two words, those would be the ones.

His bilge sounds like "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" if it were written by Glenn Beck.