Monday, 27 September 2010

Today's Battles

At Central Florida Future :
Has anyone ACTUALLY been discriminated against because of this issue? If so, please cite examples.
So I did.

From the Dallas Voice:
A male suspect brutally beat a woman in San Antonio after learning she was transgender, KENS Channel 5 reports....after he learned she was transgender, he beat her badly in the face and dumped her off outside an apartment complex, where she knocked on a door begging for help.
But the San Antonio police are refusing to classify it as a "Hate Crime".

As I wrote:
Exactly how does this differ from a case where a gal is beaten up by a white racist when he found she was only “Passing for White”? Or because he found out her grandmother was Jewish?

Either she was beaten up for being Trans – in which case Federal law should apply – or “perceived to be” Gay, in which case both Federal and State law should apply. If the San Antonio police don’t act, the FBI should.
Don't hold your breath though.

From the Houston Chronicle, the deeply touching story of one Trans Woman in Texas. Some of the comments needed answering.... ones like these:
A lot of seriously, mentally disturbed people think that mutilating themselves will fix what's wrong between their ears - but it never works out.
It's just a way for surgeons to get money from the mentally ill.
The Conspiracy Of Evil Moneygrubbing Doctors comment. Check.
All of this talk of Transgender. What does Transgender really mean. It is a fancy word for counterfeit.
The "Trannies are Fakes/Liars/Deceivers" comment. Check.
I understand the feelings of this transgendered person. I, myself am a transracial person. I was born one race, but deep in my heart I know I am truly a member of another race.
While the government and society readily accepts transgendered persons for the sex they believe they are, the government totally ignores transracial persons like myself.
The "Transracial" comment. Check. This is all so stereotyped, it's always the same arguments. The "Giraffe" one is usually next.
With all this confusion over private parts it ain't no wonder women folks and kids have lost all their respect for the authority of the men in their lives - heck, we hardly know who is and who ain't a real man or one of these transexed men with all their inside out privates and lopped off boobies - it ain't what God wanted!
That's a rare one - the Patriarchal Privilege comment about "sissified males". Crossed with a dash of "Muscular Christianity". Though that last phrase is now unfashionable, as "Bishop" Long, who promoted it, turn out to have sent personal photos of his musclebound body in spandex to taut, handsome, youthful acolytes. And gifts of jewelry, cash etc, in return for erotic "personal services" that were wholly spiritual in nature, and not at all Gay, no siree.
Yes, it's almost a stereotype now that those most fanatically anti-Gay are "same sex attracted" themselves, but keep it a guilty, shameful secret.
ZOE, you are espousing nonsense, pc nonsense. I don't care how many years you researched it. You researched perversion put out by perverts.
The Dismissal of evidence comment. Check.
Does the DSMV not still call it a mental disorder? If not then why? That's what it is.
The "It's a mental illness because it's in the psychiatric diagnostic manual" comment. Check. One of the main reasons why it should be removed from there.
There's a reason trannies have a hard time getting don't pass as well as you think you do.
The "man in a dress" comment, with bonus points for using the perjorative word "tranny". Check.
John Hopkins University Hospital peformed studies on people before and after surgery, finding that post-op they had all the "MENTAL" and "EMOTIONAL" problems they had prior to surgery even if they were happy to look like the chosen sex.
How absurd to think a mental disorder can be fixed by plastic surgery. If I get fake boobs will I suddenly be happy all the time?
I actually think that perhaps I should become a cat. I have felt "different" my entire life. A layer of soft fur would make all the difference, along with some whiskers. I do say that if the trannies can have their way then why should my fantasy not be indulged too? I should be allowed to meow in public without any scrutiny. I also would require special accomodation for the potty, I prefer a litter box in the office, please.
A twofer. First, the Olde Venerable Johns Hopkins comment (Dr Paul McHugh has much to answer for for his perversion of science), then the Giraffe Argument. Or in this case, cat. Check and Check.
It hurts me deeply every time I read a piece of trash like I just read here that advocates that these people are simply born in bodies that are not right for them and a surgery could correct it. I had a wonderful family and dreams for my children that included staying together with the MAN I married. If only people knew the truth, ignorance would not be bliss. The truth is ugly.
I tried to show her the compassion she deserved. Regardless of provocation. She's a victim too, you see, GID doesn't just hurt the patient.
Now the Chronicle needs to look at the darker side of this transgender movement. They post this article showing sympathy for this group but never do an article on the sorrow, heartache and broken families these selfish people leave behind. ...Why not expose them for what they are doing instead of trying to make people feel sorry for these selfish liars? There is a dark and dirty side to this movement and I have seen it up close and personal!
Another rare one.. the Transsexual Menace comment. Check.
I have more important things to do than debate someone who wants to put up a bunch of documents to perversion on the web trying to justify perversion.
Another "dismissal of evidence just because" comment. Bonus points for "perversion", but no base mark, sorry.
Pretend all you want through surgery, but you can't change an "X" chromosome to a "Y".
Ah yes, Homochromosexuality had to be in there somewhere. Check.
This article and most of the posts I have read just go to show how far this country has fallen in it depravity.... What used to be called evil is no being called good and what used to be called good is now called evil....Read God's Holy Word and repent and turn from these evil and wicked ways....
And finally, the Rebellion Against God comment. Check. But loses points for not saying "God doesn't make mistakes".

I answered that one with the usual quotes - Matthew 19:12 and Isaiah 56:3-5. As I've done many times before when faced with the same, tired old argument.

I did get this though - from someone whose nickname is Palin_2012, so is unlikely to be a bleeding-heart liberal:
ZoeBrain, I commend you on your thoughtful, educated and incredibly patient responses. It takes a strong person to set aside emotions and speak candidly and logically in the face of flared tempers and injured spirits. As for Tim1242, my prayers are with you. I hope you'll come to see the world through a less angry lens despite what you've been through. Zoe makes a great argument for why it isn't your fault and for how what happened to you may not necessarily be all about evil, debauchery and deception. All my best to you.
"Not necessarily". Ok, I can work with that. Someone who's thinking about the issues. It takes time to show people the way, and they have to take it themselves. But progress? Yes, I think so.


Anne Rose Blayk said...

Gee, Zoe, I get the impression that radical feminist lesbian separatist transhatas are somehow under-represented in these comments... are they a vanishing species? ... where's the comment:

"You are all evil agents of the Patriarchy, and by your very existence you rape all women. Real women, that is."


RE: Paul McHugh: perverting science was but a minor challenge in his overall mission of perverting Christianity: Mission Accomplished!

PS: Thanks again for doing your best to provide reliable information in a patient, considerate manner against peddlers of such blatantly bigoted baloney; one has to wonder at the mental age of people who think the endless repetition of such ha-ha funny "jokes" really proves anything... besides establishing that their sense of humor, as well as their respect for Real World Science, is profoundly absent.

PPS: I feel sympathy for the woman who (purportedly) lost her relationship with her husband because he transitioned... but... apparently she doesn't get it: some, but not all, transsexuals are obsessively selfish in pursuing transition: and some/many wait until their children are fully grown to do so. And NOBODY does this to join a "movement"!

Eric TF Bat said...

So where's the bingo card, Zoe? This looks like a game everyone can play!

Zoe Brain said...

Eric - yes, good idea. I've been thinking along those lines myself.

- said...

Excellent post, Zoe! I wish I could be amused by the "I don't understand you so I'm going to smash you instead" line of thinking except that I am more than likely to end up the smashed end of the equation.

Anonymous said...

You are correct that the FBI and Local police should take up the case but not because she is a tranny or it is a hate crime, but because she is a human being.

ALL crime is a hate crime and should be treated equally.

get a grip.

Zoe Brain said...

Hi Mike

There are two components: the act of violence, and the act of terrorism against a vulnerable group, not just the immediate victim.

The first should be treated equally with other such acts. The second is an additional crime, that should be punished additionally.

Consider the crime of assault and battery. Battery is the physical violence; assault is the fear of harm. It's possible to assault someone without battering them, or batter them without assaulting them.

We already make a distinction between accidental slaying, and deliberate murder. Motive is important.