Friday, 5 November 2010

I should have written for the Wall Street Journal

Compare this article, from November 19, 2008, with this article in November 3rd's WSJ.


Anonymous said... there anything they can't do?

Pedro the Ignorant said...

Zoe, totally O/T, but thank you for for your reasoned and rational responses to Andrew Bolt's blog article re Captain Clint. (9 Nov 10)
I have to admit I was astonished at the vehemence and anger displayed by some of the the usually relatively calm (if occasionally cranky) commenters on Bolt's blog on this issue.
I am a former professional soldier, an Infantry combat veteran, and a card carrying right wing conservative, yet I have no difficulty in accepting Captain Clint in her gender reassigned role, and I like to think that most others of my type and military background would be equally as accepting.

Over a number of years I have seen your internet presence adapt from A.E Brain to Zoe, and have been both impressed and educated by your outlook and you ability to pass on your very personal thoughts on gender reassignment.
To most men, particularly the macho types that make up much of our military, this is not something we want to either acknowledge or deal with, but your insights have gone a very long way to creating understanding and accepting a very real world situation.

Thank you again for "letting it all hang out' on these blogs. It has not been in vain if only one person's attitude changes.