Wednesday 6 April 2011

Thank You, Ms Stanton

From a report about proposed bills protecting TS and IS people in Nevada:
Following the SB 331 hearing, Chairman Schneider opened the hearing on SB 368, which would prohibit housing discrimination against transgender people. Equality Nevada Executive Director Lauren Scott, and vocal advocate for civil rights, related a story of housing discrimination she faced when she first relocated to Nevada from Florida. Senator James Settlemeyer (R-Minden) questioned the accuracy of Ms. Scott’s testimony, but she was not afforded an opportunity to respond as the Chair called an end to the meeting due to the lateness of the hour, telling both Sen. Settlemeyer and Ms. Scott that their disagreement could be handled off the record.
Because of course, there's no discrimination against Trans people in Nevada. None. Doesn't happen. I mean, the Senators would have noticed it, wouldn't they?
As the committee room emptied, Darlene Stanton, an unpaid lobbyist representing her own interests, but also involved with the Lyon County Republican Women, told Ms. Scott, who is a decorated veteran of the US Air Force, that she was a “disgrace to America.” Ms. Stanton also remarked that as a homeowner, she could “discriminate against whomever [she] wanted,” and that “people like [Ms. Scott] should leave the county” because it is “God’s country.” Ms. Stanton also said Ms. Scott was a pervert. The accost lasted not more than 10 seconds and was broken up when Elisa Cafferata of NAPPA stopped Ms. Stanton as she was approaching Ms. Scott, who remained seated and calm during the whole encounter. The incident was witnessed by many of the senators on the committee.

After, Ms. Scott said that such an encounter was to be expected, and that if it had to happen, it was good that it happened in front of the committee.
Fortuitous timing, but inevitable that it would happen. The strength of the bigotry is so strong, they can't keep their mouths shut, and physical assault is always a possibility. I don't think the "no discrimination happens in Nevada" meme is going to be very convincing after that. No rhetoric on the part of human rights activists could compare in credibility with the actions of the redoubtable Ms Stanton. We owe her thanks for her honesty.

Lyon County Republican Women
Club Mailing Address: P. O. 619, Yerington, NV 89447
President: Darlene Stanton
430 Pearl St., Yerington 89447


Zimbel said...

I don't think I agree. Without people like her, such laws might not be needed in the first place.

Zoe Brain said...

She's an honest bigot. It's the ones who conceal it that are the real danger. They'll exist even if all like her are no longer socially acceptable.

Unknown said...

I understand Ms Stanton's rancor as I have been on the receiving end of such since I turned three so many years ago. What I don't understand is her direction to folks like us to go and live elsewhere. I am not aware of any place on the planet that would welcome me or mine. My parents were honest about trying to have me legally euthanized. They knew and honestly affirmed that no country was ready to accept the TS and IS as human beings. The most that we could expect was to find a way to hide among the 'normals.'

Ms Stanton should examine her prejudice, so she can call for our deaths with true fervor.

Anne said...

I think it was irresponsible yo you to publish Ms. Stanton's address, no matter your feelings towards her.

How would you like your real nae and home address published

Zoe Brain said...

The address is of the Lyon County Republican Women, of which she is the president. It's on their website.

I did not attempt to find her residential address.

Spurred on by your comment, I found her address, the name of a male and a female living with her, even a publicity photo of her. She needs to lose weight more than even I do, and her hair is a disaster.

No, I'm not publishing any of those details.

My own address has been published on this blog and elsewhere. There are not many Zoe Brains around the world, and it's trivially easy to find that data.

Yes, Zoe Brain is my real name.

Congrats on your 40 year achievement BTW.

Zimbel said...

I disagree. A general perception of social unacceptability is the first mark of a significant reduction of racism - and particularly racist violence - in a community. The same has been traced for hatred and violence against Hindus, Muslims, and Jews. I see no reason why it wouldn't be the same for hatred of and violence against Transgendered people.

However my earlier remarks weren't specific enough - social unacceptability is just one step - if there's significant covert hatred, such laws are still needed.

If I want to spend my time thanking a bigot, I'll spend my time thanking one who has started to make partial amends:

Having spent the last five years putting all of my political will, interest and energy into fighting against the spread of same-sex marriage as if it were a contagious disease...

My name is Louis J. Marinelli, a conservative-Republican and I now support full civil marriage equality.

Zimbel said...

I meant "People who hate Trans people" more than the details of her hatred.

As for covert vs. overt, usually the first mark of reduction of hatred and violence is the removal of overt hatred.

Social unacceptability of overt displays of violence or hatred appears to have significant impact in reducing violence against a number of minority groups.

References: Sundown Towns (which describes this explicitly in terms of minorities in specific towns in the U.S.A.), but see also
(which describes positive professional social links as a barrier to Hindu-Muslim violence)
or Eight Stages of Genocide (which lists dehumanization against a group to be the third step towards genocide).