Monday, 29 August 2011

Christian Attitudes to Atheism in America

From Fox News Facebook Page Gets 8,000 Death Threats


Anonymous said...

I wonder why people it's like that, supposedly God said, "live and let live", what kind of believers are this people ??? I'm not atheist actually I don't believe in nothing.

Sarah Wilson said...

This is not the message Jesus was framed and murdered for. If these people really were honest they would call themselves pharasees and not Christians.


Nicole Jade said...

I am a Christian and people who talk like this are strangers to me. They do not represent all Christians.

Anonymous said...

i was going to spend @2 for read the latest 'church in need' book that details how many people have been killed for being christian (not just death threats), but I reckon its too depressing.

and Nicole has said, i dont know the people who would send the death threats. We should be allowed to disagree with each other.

Zimbel said...

I've been an atheist for roughly 2 decades and I've yet to have anyone complain about my lack of religion.

Apparently not everyone shares my experience.

As for the suit, I haven't been following it. If the complaint is accurate, it sounds like a violation of separation between church and state. If one wants a cross (or crucifix? I'm not certain what that branch of Christianity uses) in a government-owned location, the most obvious solution is to have other similar symbols from other groups.

Otherwise, the typical solution is to have it on private land.

Anonymous said...

This makes me really upset...God died for atheists just as well as anyone else. idk what sunday school or church they are going to, but they must not be teaching the doctrine of the gospel correctly. His word say to love thy neighbor as thyself. also, people should not exploit stuff like this, making it out to where all christians are like this. That is simply untrue.