Thursday, 2 October 2003

I'm Walking Backwards for Christmas

From The Australian :
The adherents of a strange cult will descend on the NSW town of Woy Woy this weekend as the town celebrates the life of the king of nonsense, Spike Milligan, who died last year.

There will be jazz bands, stand-up comedy and a backwards walk to emulate Milligan's song I'm Walking Backwards For Christmas Across the Irish Sea.

The gentlemen of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, Northern NSW Section, will be making the journey from Newcastle for the special day, led by incurable Spike fan Colin Randall.

Mr Randall, also president of the Tie Society of Australia, has been collecting Spike Memorabilia for 20 years and said the society would be displaying some of Spike's books on transport along with photos of suitably Milliganesque pieces of machinery.

"There is a need for eccentricity in life," Mr Randall said.

Spike's parents lived in Woy Woy and he was a regular visitor, once having himself delivered to their front lawn by truck in a large cardboard box.

Despite his description of Woy Woy as "the world's only above ground cemetery", the town has taken the British comic to their hearts.

Spike suffered from manic depression after shell shock in World War II and the festival has been timed to coincide with Mental Health Week.

His brother Patrick is one of the organisers and it is hoped SpikeFest will become an annual event.
In the spirit of previous posts about Dr Who, and in memory of a Certain Goon, may I present : The Home Life of Daleks.

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