Saturday, 11 October 2003

More on Microsoft Security

Or should that be Moron? From one of my favourite blogs, Silent Running :
And how's this for blame transference?
For example, even computer users who did not install a protective patch for the "Blaster" virus this summer would have been protected if they had known to turn on Windows' built-in firewall, said Mike Nash, a vice president for Microsoft's security business unit.

if they had known to turn on the built in firewall. Which built in firewall for Windows 2000 would that be, Mr. 'It's the Stupid User's fault' Nash? Oh, you mean the one in XP? And who's job is it to let us know what little wondrous functions your software is supposed to perform, anyway? The frikkin tooth fairy? How about the Vendor, which, surprise, is YOU buckwheat. And when do we find out about this? When you geniuses realized there was a hole the size of the Grand Canyon in your code? Nope. In a quote from a pompous corporate suit in the depths of a PR article two months after some basement dwelling fat kid wreaked havoc on the Internet!

Based on the play book they seem to be using, look for Microsoft to appoint a new Prime Minister for Security, only to have him resign within a couple of months in a power struggle for control with Bill Gates.

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