Wednesday, 10 March 2004

Coca-Cola written backwards

Hidden Message in Coca ColaThanks to Little Green Footballs (LGF to it's friends - and enemies), here's a site that's a sight. I feel slightly ashamed being so amused by it, though I guess that's human nature. After all, in the 18th century, guided tours of the Lunatic Asylum at Bedlam were conducted. The people involved are probably more dangerous than most of the Criminally Insane too.

A quick traipse around the site reveals it's no hoax, parody or spoof. A lot of work went into this. It's even quite useful, it contains a canonical copy of Henry Ford's loathsome anti-semitic tracts that appeared in the Dearborne Independent.

It's Islamic - or rather, Islamist. But Wahhabi only, thanks very much. To quote one page :
Shiaism (The Rafidah) and Islam are indeed different religions. This sect has developed into what we now know as the Shia whose beliefs and thoughts are repugnant beyond belief.
As for the Druze :
When the opportunity arises, when they become stronger and find supporters among the ruling classes, they show their true colours and proclaim their real beliefs and aims, and they start to promote evil and corruption, and try to destroy religious teachings, sound beliefs and morals.
The website's mission :
This website is regularly updated by to reflect the current happenings in the Ummah. It covers a wide variety of topics from clearing misconceptions about Islaam to details on Deviant sects in the Religion.
Peculiarly enough, it's based in Hindu India - which rather makes some of the articles about how oppressed Islam is in India a bit of an oxymoron.

But in elucidating the philosophies of Hammas (with their fantasies about the conspiracies of the Lions Club and Rotarians) and other radical Islamist organisations (not always approvingly), it's full of things queer as a Clockwork Orange, and as psychotic as Coca-Cola written backwards. And (pardon the pun) just as Alarming and Amusing.

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