Tuesday 9 March 2004

A Very Different Arab Country

Seen on a comment on Israellycool :
Bahrain has been and will continue to be a religious tolerant country. For instance the Jews do have their own Synagogue, the varioua sects of Christianity have their own churches and even a couple of cathedrals, and the hindus have their temples.

More important than the religious aspect however, Bahrain has the only Jewish MP in our parliament as well as the only lady Christian MP. This is the Bahraini parliament I'm talking about. This is a first in the Gulf. So you will see that we live quite happily together. To us, it is being a Bahraini first and its completely up to you to worship whichever god you choose.
From Mahmood Al-Yousif, whose blog is worth a look in its own right.

Bahrain must be a very different place - think about it, here's an Arab blogger commenting on a post on a site called "Israellycool". Talking about the composition of a Parliament. An Arab Parliament. With a Jew in it. And a Woman. You know, maybe there's a bit of hope for this sad old world after all. Onya Mahmood.

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