Wednesday, 12 May 2004

Sachost.Exe Removal Instructions

Are here.

Text of a recent e-mail, in its entirety:

If that had been the only e-mail I'd received for helping out, it would have all been more than worthwhile. But it's not, and my thanks to everyone (including John) who have let me know that they found the instructions useful.

After you've gotten rid of the beast, why not have a browse through the archives? Here's a few posts, taken pretty much at random.
Brain Short-Circuiter
The Many Uses of Vegemite
54 Good Reasons for going into Iraq
Design Your Own Hell
Fun With Colloids
Kerry on Defence
Mr Picasso Head
The London Necropolis Company

This blog is a Smorgasbord of stuff, some deep and meaningful, some opinionated politics, and some just plain fun. Come for the virus-removal, stay for the posts.

If you like it, or if you find the virus removal instructions useful, may I please request that you go read this article on The Command Post, and act as you see fit.

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