Thursday, 20 May 2004

Sachost.Exe Removal Instructions

Are still here.

I crave the indulgence of my regular readers, having to wade through interminable posts about Trojan removal. The only thing I can say is that while the 'referers' count still shows a substantial number of people visiting here because their system is infected, I'll keep on having a link to the instructions near the top of the page. Fortunately, the trend is going down, less than 50 per day now.

But to all new readers who are looking for help - just follow the link above. These instructions have been successfully used by dozens (judging from 'Thank-You' e-mails), and possibly thousands (judging from the hits), of people by now. And while you're here, take a stroll through the archives. You're sure to find something interesting or amusing, like the secret artwork buried on silicon chips, or a Self-Assessment of which level of Hell you belong in. Come for the Virus Removal, stay for the Content.

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