Friday, 26 November 2004

Big Lie, Incompetence, or Carelessness?

Now is the time that Americans in the US engage in certain religious ceremonies, involving the consumption of native American avians, usually accompanied by native American swamp berries.

This time Last Year : US President George W. Bush goes to Iraq bearing a fake Turkey for a photo-op. He didn't actually serve any Turkey, how could he, it was plastic. Or at least, that's the common wisdom.

Looks pretty real to me. The people eating it certainly think so.

Bush Serving Turkey :

Bush Serving Turkey : Al-Jazeera

Bush Serving Turkey :

The inimitable Tim Blair has produced a (partial) list of idiots repeating the story. No, that's unfair. They're not all idiots. Some are just incompetent journalists, others with a reckless disregard for the truth. 60 seconds using "Google" on "Bush Turkey" found these images. That means that either they carelessly didn't check, or they don't know how to. Or were deliberately lying for some political purposes, now moot.

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