Friday 26 November 2004

A Smidgin of Justice?

Seen via Normblog, this piece from the Guardian :
Josef Mengele, the "Angel of Death" at Auschwitz concentration camp, spent his last years in his Brazilian hideaway lonely, depressed and short of money, according to 86 letters, notes and diaries discovered filed away in a Sao Paulo police archive.

One of the most wanted Nazi war criminals, because of the experiments he conducted on children and other inmates, Mengele apparently lived his last years suffering intense abdominal pains.

Fear of being discovered made him chew the ends of his moustache, resulting in a ball of hair blocking his intestines.
So he suffered from Hairballs. Caused by unbearable stress over many years. Lonely, depressed, and short of money. Good.

As Norm said :
It's not even the tiniest fraction of justice. Still,let the memory abide of him chewing the ends of his moustache - of a ball of hair blocking his intestines.

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