Monday, 1 November 2004

Brainwashing in Zimbabwe

From The Telegraph in the UK :
Members of Zimbabwe's police force, once the most respected and efficient in southern Africa, have been ordered to attend brutal "reorientation" camps to be fed anti-white propaganda in the run-up to next year's elections.

In a tactic akin to those used by hardline Communist regimes, police officers face "reprogramming" at the hands of Robert Mugabe's feared Central Intelligence Organisation.

A spokesman refused to comment on the CIO's 'reprogramming'

One officer who recently attended the course told The Telegraph how he had been fed racist propaganda about a white, neo-colonial conspiracy against the Mugabe regime. Any dissenting officer faces beatings and torture at the camps, which are run on military lines with early-morning physical exercise and strict internal discipline.

"We were told that anyone who doesn't support Comrade Mugabe is an enemy of the state," the low-ranking policeman said. "Our bosses told us that if we do not undergo the training we will be branded traitors and sacked from the force in disgrace."
Anyone who criticises the Comrade's rule is denounced as in the pay of MI6, the CIA and white agents intent on recolonising Zimbabwe.

The propaganda overlooks the fact that Mr Mugabe's land reform programme resulted in millions of Zimbabweans facing starvation, while the mainly black opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) is more popular than the ruling Zanu-PF Party.

The camps, which have been established to help to ensure victory for Mr Mugabe in parliamentary elections scheduled for next March, are similar to those used in the late 1990s to brainwash the youth militia. The gangs, known as the Green Bombers, were responsible for murder, rape and torture of opposition campaigners and supporters.
According to the policeman, the lecturers warn that "all police personnel must have nothing to do with enemies of Zimbabwe, who include all members of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change Party and former white commercial farmers".
Earlier this year, the government admitted that it had trained more than 18,000 youths under its controversial national youth service programme. Opposition groups and the media claim that camps set up to train the Green Bombers used rape and torture to instil loyalty.

Hat Tip : the inestimable Normblog.

It's things like this that get me steamed up when I read the GreenLeft rabbiting on about "Fascist Oppression" in Australia and the US. they honestly believe their own propaganda, and are utterly clueless about stopping real Fascism and Oppression. In fact, they're all for it.

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