Tuesday 2 November 2004

Teleportation Taken Seriously

There's a 1.7 Mb .pdf file that leaves me lost for words.

The Teleportation Physics Study by by Eric W. Davis of the Air Force Research Laboratory in August 2004.

Amidst the scary-looking mathematics, (my bachelaureat is in Pure Maths and Computer Science, and I found it daunting), there's a lot of well-written words describing the consequences of the maths.
The characteristics of teleportation were defined, and physical theories were evaluated in terms of their ability to completely describe the phenomenon. Presently accepted physics theories, as well as theories that challenge the current physics paradigm [ie the Crackpot Theories - AEB] were investigated for completeness. The theories that provide the best chance of explaining teleportation were selected, and experiments with a high chance of accomplishing teleportation were identified.
If that doesn't get you itching to read it, nothing will. I remain sceptical about Chapter 5, but the rest isn't just Dynamite, it's Antimatter.

As for my scepticism about Chapter 5?
Therefore, the results of the Chinese p-Teleportation experiments can simply be explained as a human consciousness phenomenon that somehow acts to move or rotate test specimens through a 4th spatial dimension, so that the specimens are able to penetrate the solid walls/barriers of their containers without physically breaching them. No real dematerialization/rematerialization of the specimens takes place. The intensity fluctuations of the radio micro-transmitter specimen’s electromagnetic signal, and the apparent blending of the other specimens with the walls of their containers, represent the passage of the specimens through a 4th spatial dimension.
As I said, I remain sceptical. But not to the point that I think further work is useless, just that I'm not convinced. Now the other stuff, I find convincing, as the data sources are more trustworthy, and the maths easily checkable. But the conclusions in parts 1-4 are even more startling than the 4-th dimension bit in part 5.

Hat Tip : Reader Shaun Bourke


Texas Gal said...

I confess I don't understand a thing about it. But I do believe a time will come when it will be possible. And I look forward to my next lifetime when the process has become a part of the global transportation system.


exoplanet said...

Teleportation is always interesting, and confusing. "Smart Dust" is worthy of your Google. Unrelated but has an equal well-i-never value.