Wednesday 3 November 2004

US Presidential Results

I think Nicholson of "The Australian" newspaper puts it best.
Kerry's Exit by Nicholson

Of course, Kerry hasn't conceded. A veritable killer-swarm of hungry attack-lawyers has converged on the US state of Ohio, trying to take on the awesome task of parlaying an estimated 155,000 postal, absentee and provisional ballot papers into 177,000 votes for Kerry, and none for Bush.

Meanwhile I feel wrung-out due to manning The Command Post for a few hours, between about 3am and 6am US Eastern Standard Time, while the main protagonists grabbed a little shut-eye.

Here's what I wrote in a private e-mail to Michele Catalano, one of the aforementioned TCP founders (slightly editted for clarity).

MC : Oh, it went very well. Electoral vote, popular vote, huge turnout. All we need is a concession speech, which isn't bloody likely for days.

AEB : Why? I mean, why would we need one?

Seriously, who cares what Kerry does or does not do?

Barring an extra 1/2 million provisional votes from the cemeteries running 70:30 for Kerry - not unbelievable in Illinois, but straining credulity in Ohio - he's as relevant as Al Gore is today.

Everyone knows who's won. Even the people at Democratic Underground, though of course, it's all a fascist plot by Bush=Hitler etc etc. But their heart isn't in it.

Edwards is acting like a Trial Lawyer always does, win at all costs, never say die. Wish he took the same attitude towards the war, but nonetheless, he's just swimming in a sewer. That is, going through the motions. Also subpoenas, writs etc. It's what Trial Lawyers do, and you can no more blame him for it than blame a leech for sucking blood.

Who *was* Al Gore's running-mate for VP BTW? That's his future.
Oh well, that's over, all bar the shouting. And talking about shouting, Four More Beers!

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