Wednesday, 23 March 2005

Red goes Green

Here is the Enemy.

Anyone who's studied the NSDAP - Nazional Socialistiche Deutche Arbeiter Partei, or National Socialist German Workers Party - will be struck by the strong threads of superstition, irrationalism and primitivism contained in their philosophy.

It's one of the reasons why I'm particularly suspicious of a lot of the "green" movement, the "New Agers", the Pyramidologists, Homeopaths and Post-Modernists.
We believe in a resurrection of traditional methods of the pre-Christian past, including naturalism and nationalism, and while these are demonized in our current time, we realize they are necessary to end the decay of our society.
Like the NSDAP, or for that matter, the Green-Left Weekly (the NSDAP without the overt Racism, heavy on the "Socialist" part), not every single one of their policies is evil or undesireable. Some make sense. For the Green-Lefties, some make a lot of sense.

But a gangrenous limb often has parts that are perfectly healthy.

The Green_lefties would no doubt be outraged at being compared to the loathsome Nazis, and with some justice. Some.

But here's a Quick Quiz :
...If you don't want your children, and your children's children to be damned for all eternity as slaves of world capitalism, if you don't want to be made the protectors of Stock Exchange bandits and other blood suckers by your treacherous leaders, if you are on the contrary filled with a fanatical will for freedom, then join the ranks of the ......

Which party is being referred to?

a) Socialist Alliance (Australian Green-Left, 2003)
b) National Socialist German Workers Party (German Nazis, 1926)

And did you have any difficulty coming to the right answer, without looking it up?

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