Sunday, 24 April 2005

An Oldie But A Goodie

From An Englishman's Castle, a very old joke (probable pre-Napoleonic era), British Hospitality.

For academics interested in submitting a paper of publication (see previous post) here's the letter you always wanted to write after receiving yet another request for revision.

For those who like Puppy-in-a-blender jokes - and who doesn't? (Me! AEB), here's one that's not particularly work-safe. It's in taste that's not just questionable, it should be put on the rack and seared with hot pincers by the Holy Inquisition. How Many 5-year-olds could you beat in a Deathmatch?. A Very Funny Shock joke turned into a Somewhat Funny Shlock joke, so you have been warned. Good idea, hideous execution.

More of a "see what the Internet has wrought" link than humour as such.

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