Friday, 29 July 2005

Essence of Placenta

Seen on a new blog, Right Wing Death Bogan :
Place a piece of placenta - if not the whole organ - outside in the evening under a full moon.
Ensure that it's safe and that animals don't get to it, of course.
Next, add elements of earth, water, fire, air and metal. Ideally, the water will be in a crystal bowl, and the placenta will NOT be in the water. That would contaminate it. You can, however, put your own crystals in the water.

After you have extracted the essence, you can decant the water into a brown bottle. If you wish to preserve the "essence" for some time, then feel free to add some brandy.

My thoughts on this? What a crock of shite! The reason that we don't eat placentas as a species is because we don't need to. Yes, it may be a great source of iron and protein, but it's not necessary. Animals that do eat their placenta tend to be wild and needing to hide their presence from predators. Okay, they will also be weakened somewhat from giving birth, and it is a handy food source in a pinch.

That does not mean that we need to imbue this piece of meat with all sorts of mystical properties.

How can these people be for real? I find it terrifying to think of the next generation. There is no question that they love their children and are devoted to bringing up a generation of caring adults. But the logic. The logic! Where did it go?

Probably melted away with the wax from the candles they stick in their ears.
This from a Lady who is, and I quote,
Doing the single mum thing in suburbia. Mostly with the froglet, with filmmaking and other things thrown into the mix.
Quite an achievement. The world needs more like her, and fewer of the well-meaning but logic-free new age moonbats, many of whom, I'm ashamed to say, are female and should know better (Zing!).

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