Friday, 29 July 2005

Just Me

Thanks once again to everyone who has shown such overwhelming support in comments on this blog, and others.

The exceptions have been so few that I can enumerate them.

One from a commenter over at Damian Penny's blog.
One from a commenter at Tim Blair's

There may be others, but I'm hypersensitive about this, and I haven't detected any. I've been buried under an avalanche of goodwill in e-mails, blog comments, and blog articles.

Most women in similar situations haven't been so fortunate. Read it and weep, everybody.

Of course, I'm the exception here. Never cross-dressed, and the changes have happened without any medical intervention. Also, yesterday, I had a look at the padding, the rigmarole needed to fake a Boy appearance (badly), and said "Enough". So I've given up trying, as of 28th I now have a female appearance and lifestyle, 24/7. Rather too soon to be wise, I had everything planned from Hormone Replacement Therapy to Facial Feminisation Surgery, and an emergence fulltime in January 2006.

But that was predicated on me being able to pass with little effort as a normal male before then, and this turned out not to be possible. I may not look very Femme, but I can tell you, I look far less convincing as a male now.

But enough of all that. I have a life, a blog, and a family. What more could a girl ask for?

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