Friday, 30 September 2005

Margot's Mini MiniTrue

Updating a previous post, Margot's MiniTrue Minions over at Webdiary have been busy airbrushing out the comments I referred to in that post.

But being Margot's Minions, they left this one in :
Rod Finch, Hugh Mann, Zoe Brain, we're soon forming a cheer-squad to wave and cheer at public Webdiary events - please apply when you see the next event announced. The cost of the Pom-Poms is not covered, I'm afraid, and you'll have to send a photo in of yourself in the soon coming Webdiary t-shirt to apply for a place in the squad...

Posted by: Jack H Smit | 25/09/2005 7:52:14 PM
Referring to posts by people who are now... Unpersons, and comments that now no longer exist.

Go read it quickly, before this Orwellian falsification of the historical record on Webdiary continues.

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