Friday, 6 January 2006

Mirror, rirroM

The True Mirror

A True Mirror is made from putting two mirrors at a right angle, such that the two mirror images bounce off of each other. This mirror arrangement isn't a new concept (actually, it was first patented in rather crude fashion in 1887). Try this in your home - just hold two mirrors up to each other at right angles, and you can see the effect. Of course, you'll have to ignore the large line that runs down the middle of your face, which is probably why you never paid much attention to this mirror arrangement before.

That bothersome line down the middle isn't there with a True Mirror Within its stylish cabinet resides two crystal-clear, space-age mirrors joined perfectly at 90 degrees using special materials and bonding techniques that eliminate that line optically. The image you see of yourself is both actual size and in focus. The seam is invisible in the center, so you can look eye-to-eye to yourself just as in "real life." The effect can be very powerful.

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