Saturday, 7 January 2006

Dr Brain

Well, in 3 years time, with anything like luck.

Yeterday, I got the unofficial word that I'm to be offered a ~ USD 20,000 p.a. scholarship to do research at the Australian National University, in the field of embedded systems in Automobiles. Safety-critical stuff. Formal Provability. Cutting-Edge Development.


And I may be able to do 6 hours a week of one of my favourite activities - Teaching!

It doesn't get much better than this.

Of course there's the little matter of various medical procedures I have to attend to over the period. I'm looking at scheduling The Op in November, when I'll be able to have the 2 months "light duties" healing time after a month in hospital. After that, the extra hormones can be reduced, and the rate of change will probably accelerate.

It would be nice to be... consistent. No longer ambiguous.

With just a smidgin of luck, and no unexpected dramas (as if they ever happen...) , I'll be able to complete both projects by early 2009, at age 50.

Oh yes. One of the possible PhD candidates I may be working with on the project is an alumnus of the Saudi Space Research Institute. If so, I hope he's broad-minded. You see, we're bound to swap war-stories. Working with a female is one thing, working with a transsexual female another, but working with a transsexual female who's done work on Israeli nuclear-equipped submarines... could be tricky. But he may not be in the project, there's a few candidates to choose from.

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