Sunday, 8 January 2006

More Weirdness

I've been Memed again. This time by a mutant variant of a meme I sent to Ninme, and which she's now sent back.

5 Weird Things about myself (as opposed to 5 weird habits)

1. I'm Transsexual. That's weird enough, in itself. Not that unusual, but weird, certainly.

2. But not merely am I Transsexual, I'm one of the 4 people in the world I've located so far, who started the "transition" as we call it, ideopathically. That is, our bodies started changing without treatment, and for reasons unknown. There's got to be more - from what little I know there are many different mechanisms that could cause something like this, none of which would be rarer than 1 in a few million.

3. But not merely am I one of that select group, I seem to be holding a record for the sheer speed of the physical transformation. Usually it's at normal, pubescent rates, or slower. Everyone it's happened to was about 45, and at that age, cell division is far slower than at age 14. Kathy Noble in Queensland's transition took 7 years, but was delayed because medicos tried to reverse it. Kate in Los Angeles has had changes going on for 3 years, and will probably take another 1-2. Samantha in Canada, I don't know her details, I'm not in contact with her. She's woodworked, gone Stealth, and I don't blame her. Half her luck she was able to.

4. I like life on board submarines. It's the having to burn or bury your clothes afterwards, as your sense of smell slowly recovers, that's difficult.

5. And my surname is Brain. Really. Initial used to be A.Brain too, and that caused all sorts of credibility problems. I expect to enjoy a temporary hiatus there, before it's Dr Brain, and again having to produce my drivers license etc to prove it's not a nickname. Assuming I can do the difficult double trick of transitioning and doing a PhD simultaneously, something akin to juggling chainsaws while riding a unicycle on a tightrope.

Rather than nominate 5 others, I'm leaving this one open : I invite the first 5 people who comment to either take up the gauntlet on their blogs, or write the 5 ways they're weird in the comments. Being a regular reader of this blog counts as one, of course.

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Rhonda Courtney Wallace, A&P, R&E said...

It is an honor and a privilege to know you, sis.