Thursday, 30 March 2006

Role Model

Back in April 18, 2005, I blogged about the South Park Character Generator. Well, now it's been updated to version 2.

Of course, an update of this software is by no means the greatest change since then. April 18th was just 16 days before my whole life was turned upside-down in a way I never guessed was possible. It's less than a year away, and yet it seems a lifetime ago.

But somehow, my life appears to be on a pre-ordained course.

Contrast this page with this one. And my BSc was a double major : Computer Science and... Pure Mathematics.

Well, that character always was a role model, I picked the name at age 10 because I so identified with her, rather than Jamie. He wore the skirt, she wore the trousers, just like I did back then.

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