Tuesday, 25 April 2006

Anzac Day 2006

Today is Anzac Day.

91 years ago, Australian, New Zealand, Indian, British and French forces landed at Gallipoli. In the Fires of Hell, Three Nations were forged: New Zealand, Australia, and Turkey.

From the Gallipoli Association :
The plan, which has been termed the only truly innovative strategic concept of the entire war, met with approval from both politicians and military authorities; Kitchener's approval was doubtless greatly influenced by the fact that few military resources were envisaged, and thus the effort on the Western Front would not be compromised. He selected Ian Hamilton (his old friend and trusted colleague) to command and allocated him forces accordingly. Before the landings were sanctioned, the navy would attempt to blast its way through. However, the failure of the navy to force the Dardanelles (at a loss of 6 battleships; 3 sunk, 3 badly damaged) meant that if the plan was to succeed then the army would have to land on the peninsula. Hamilton's force comprised the British 29th and Royal Naval Divisions (17,600 and 10,000 men), the 1st Australian and Australian and New Zealand Divisions (30,500 men - although the latter included c.4,000 men of the 29th Indian Brigade) and the 1st French Division (16,700 men).

My Post from Last Year.

A lot has happened since then, both the original landings, and in my own personal life. Some things remain eternal though.

Lest We Forget

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