Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Out with the Old...

On 26th April, 2005, exactly one year ago today, I had a medical examination which showed no signs of anything untowards about my physical state.

The photo on the right was taken 20 days before, and is the last known photo of the "old me".

Ye Gods.

I don't think anybody could say that the current situation isn't an improvement. A massive one. Remarkably few photos of the "old me" exist - I never liked having my picture taken, I always felt so ugly. This one was taken by my son, Andrew. I think he has talent, he was still 3 at the time.

I was as hideously uncomfortable as I appeared, yet happy, because what father wouldn't be when his little son takes his picture? Always looking like an unmade bed, clothing that never felt right, no matter what I wore. It wasn't the wrapping, it was the contents, you see. Obvious in retrospect.

Oddly enough, all I have to do is look at that photo and, no matter what my current trials and tribulations, I see things in perspective and say "Thank Goodness that is over!"


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