Thursday, 10 August 2006

The Great Passport Fiasco : August 8th-10th Edition

A phonecall from DIMA while I was on the bus, going to Sydney for the usual quarterly Endocrinologists appointment.

With a doctor's letter stating that I'm transitioning, and intend to live the rest of my life as a woman, then I can get a new Citizenship certificate, with a new name.

That means I could re-apply for a passport with no telltale evidence that I ever looked male..... and if they made a fuss, then I'd point out what it says in the MAPI, and ask why other women submitting exactly the same evidence are treated differently.

So it's now the 10th, I have the form filled out, the photo countersigned by a chartered engineer who's known me for more than a year, and I'm about to go to DIMA's ACT regional office to put the form in.

Another piece of good news : Prof Steinbeck is still registered by the UK GMC, and is a Gender Specialist. So I might be able to get my UK Birth Certificate changed, assuming they change the law. Probably not before 2020 at the earliest, but you never know.

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