Thursday, 10 August 2006

Multimedia Personality

I appeared for the first time on Radio last night. On 2XX Community Radio's fortnightly "Q-Radio" programme, with Steph and Tiffany.

Steph I'd known for years in her previous incarnation. Another Wargamer. I didn't know she'd transitioned until about 6 months ago though, and she did it years ago.

The programme (as you can gather) is for the Queer Community, whatever that is. LGBITQ etc etc. Last time, they had someone from Press For Change, trying to educate the LGB community at large about the legal and medical problems faced by TS people. The Theory, the "Big Picture".

And now a concrete example. Moi. If the APO continues to be intransigent, this could be a regular feature : "The Perils of Pauline Zoe, and her Battle with Bureaucracy". I must be careful to give credit to helpful bureaucrats where I can, remember 80% of the audience are Public Servants themselves....

As far as I know, the programme's not recorded. Such things as recording equipment or CD burners are well beyond their means. 2XX is run on a shoestring, and has some equipment that must be worth a fortune now, in a museum of antiquities. Possibly older than I am.

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