Saturday 23 December 2006

Let Me Rephrase That

Yesterday I wrote:
So I will be rescuing all the posts that wouldn't publish, replying to all the e-mails and somments on the blog, and generally catching up.... tomorrow.

Um... it's Christmas. And when I wrote that, I was still jet-lagged, somewhat zonked out on the painkillers I needed to make the trip, and generally in bite-off-more-than-I-can-chew mode.

Just replying to all the personal good wishes has taken me most of today, and I'm about 10% of the way through.

And now the dilation alarm is going off again, so until I reconfigure my laptop to communicate via the rather ideosyncratic broadband connection I have, I won't be posting while dilating.

I think I'll do that later. After Christmas. So blogging will be light.

And I realise how totally crazy I must have been to have done so much yesterday. Well, I'm paying for it today!

But I did get a new baseline bloodtest this morning, after 7 weeks of no hormones or statins, and 5 weeks after orchidectomy. Back on HRT now, which hopefully will keep the awful menopausal symptoms at bay, as well as various rashes etc. I get the feeling my adrenals might just be putting out rather a lot of testosterone at the moment, as well as cortisol, but I trust the numbers more than my own subjective observation of symptoms - there's a time-lag and feedback loops anyway.

Anyway, when things are set up, there will be elephants, in great quantities, doing everything from martial arts displays, painting, and playing darts. The world is an Interesting place.

I'm also getting used to having Ray, Carmen's B/F, living with us. Actually, it really is not so much nice as convenient to have a Man around the house, he's done a lot of handyman stuff while I've been away. And as I had to dilate at 5am, I could get them both a cup of tea in bed, which I think smoothed over what could have been a tricky situation. Sort of a "welcome" if you like, I'm trying to put the poor guy at ease, as much as I can.

Oh yes, the chinese character shown at the right.

It is sometimes said that the Chinese character for "trouble" shows two women under one roof. Such a character is possible, and would look like this , but there actually is no such Chinese character, though I understand that the myth lives on the internet.
Source. Time will tell.

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