Saturday, 28 April 2007

It's all Bush's Fault

From an e-mail I got today :

A piece of paper will soon be placed on George Bush's desk in the Oval Office.

By picking up a pen and signing his name to it, he could end the war in Iraq.

The House and Senate united and passed a bill that would provide for our troops now and begin a redeployment from Iraq to bring them home.

We're just one signature away from ending the tragic mistake that has cut short thousands of American lives, cost tens of billions of dollars, and destroyed America's global moral leadership. But only if the president signs the bill.

I opposed this war from the beginning, and I would sign the bill to end it in a heartbeat.

If you would too, please take a moment to tell someone just how simple it would be to end this war:

All of the politics, all of the spin, all of the rhetoric means very little today.

The overwhelming majority of Americans want this war to end. The president must follow them.

America is one signature away.

Obama's Signature
Now you might ask why has an Australian gotten onto a US Presidential candidate's mailing list. Simple: what happens in the US affects the world, and as I don't have a vote, all I can do is ask questions, and contact the campaign raising issues.

This facile e-mail doesn't fill me with confidence. The US is not the cause of the war in Iraq - most of the casualties are innocent Iraqi civilians, kids choked and blinded by chlorine gas, and similar atrocities. Withdrawing support from the troops is like demobilising the police during a gang war.

I'm very glad Senator Barack Obama is not president of the US. I hope things stay that way.

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