Monday, 24 September 2007

Another Case

IPSR - Ideopathic Partial Sex Reversal.

This one reported by a surgeon in the US. A teenager this time.

All other previous cases have been in their 40's. All have been TS though, and this one doesn't break the pattern.

So we have 4 Types, at least.

Type I - Caused by inexplicable prolactin excess, not caused by a prolactemia in the pituitary. Takes about 7 years a age ~45. Kathy Noble is the only case that is documented.

Type II - By far the most common, many cases. Mechanism unknown. Appears to be associated with rapid metabolism of oestrogen. Takes about 2-3 years at age ~45.

Type III - Mechanism appears to be "perfect storm" of two common mutations, triggered by administration of a statin. Takes about 3 MONTHS at age ~45. One known case - me

Type IV - No details yet, but case is in her teens.

Still nothing on PubMed. There's good reason to think this is severely under-reported, especially if it affects men (and that would usually be fatal, I think).


Anonymous said...

We always knew you were exceptional... :-\


Zoe Brain said...

I used to take something of a perverse pride in that.

Now... it would be nice to be an ordinary woman.

Not gonna happen, so I guess I'll have to be an extraordinary one.

It would have been nice though.

mythusmage said...

There's always your next life. :)

Anonymous said...

Zoe, do you have a URL for any kind of report on this case?

Zoe Brain said...

Sorry, no report as yet. There's nothing in PubMed about either Kathy Noble's case or mine either.

Calamity Jane said...

You are an extraordinary woman!