Saturday, 29 September 2007

A Letter to Congressman Frank

Submitted in reply to his very lengthy self-justification at Billerico

Dear Congressman Frank,

A Cynic would say that your lengthy article amounts to a simple statement: "Transsexuals? FOAD"

Too many do, of course. A California survey showed 30% of them suicide. A Western Australia survey, which included all premature deaths from being marginalised in society (due to drug overdose alcholism, violence suicide etc) put it at 90%.

I know, I've met, people who had been fired the day before they left for surgery. It's quite common, 70% of TS people experience some employment discrimination at some time. Only 50% get permanently blackballed though, and never work again - except as beggars or prostitutes.

They were hoping that ENDA, even if vetoed, even if narrowly defeated, would send a message that the GLBT movement is not just GLB, that it really is inclusive. That they would not be left hanging out to dry. If not passed this year, next. Or the one after that. They had hope.

Perhaps I should send you the photos, and the obituaries as they become available. So you know the real cost of your pragmatism. It may have been necessary to do it, you're the professional politician, not I. But you shouldn't be able to escape knowing the consequences of what you do, just as a leader in wartime should be reminded of the name of every soldier killed "for the greater good".

You may have saved a bill from being rejected - though if you say that it has even one chance in a million of not being vetoed, I'd say you were... incorrect. But you have forfeited all moral authority in doing so. You have admitted that it is acceptable (not desired or encouraged but acceptable) to discriminate against a minority as long as the majority is protected, and that you will not take a stand against that - merely posture.

So why should other politicians take a stand unpopular with some of their constituents in order to help your particular minority? Why should they not imitate you?

You have removed the most powerful argument that you had in convincing others not benefited by ENDA that it is necessary. Sometimes political pragmatism is self-defeating. The inevitable Veto can now occur with no moral comeback, and it will be harder, not easier, the next time this issue comes before Congress.


Anonymous said...

I live in Western Australia. It is an evil place. Everyone who realises they are transsexual and/intersex really needs to get the hell out of here as soon realisation comes upon them. WA is what I call benignly evil. The people will not spit in your face or kill you for being slightly different from them, in any way, shape or form, or even colour, but they will deny you everything you need to live.

Anonymous said...

Reading the Barney Frank self-serving justification and readers' comments right now.

"We'll come back for you." Gee, heard THAT before. From the GLBTI/LGBTI/GLBTIQQXYZABC organisations here in good ol' bwoy WA time and time again.

I have been told THEIR justifications many times.

"All of our members hate and fear your kind."

"You people are just too hard for us to understand."

"We don't understand how you fit in."

"You are just way too controversial."

So why the !@#$ do they pretend that people born with transsexualism and other intersex conditions are even members of their god@#$%^& organisations anyway?

How do they justify the Big Lie that they somehow "represent" us and "speak" for us when they betray us over and over again?