Saturday, 29 September 2007

Some Good News

After blogging about some very depressing events where it doesn't affect me directly, some Good News in a matter where it does:

Abrams and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade [2007] AATA 1816 (28 September 2007)

Given the unconscionable conduct shown to me by the APO, and as documented in correspondence from them reported on this blog, I'm considering my options.

But first, a good, solid cry. This inhumanity hurt me more than I'd allowed myself to realise.

And you know what? The cold emotionless part of me is saying "well at least you got your mental anguish over their actions recorded in your psychiatric notes". For the compensation claim, should I go all legal on them. As I've a mind to. I can prove concrete financial loss too, the cost of the ADV when no passport was issued, for example.

You see, money would be very convenient in my parlous financial situation. I'm still waiting on the twice-promised refund of my passport application fee. But money cannot heal the wounds they gave me, nor sooth them.

But I know some gals who can't afford treatment. Financial compensation for "Pain Suffering and Humiliation" would not make me feel better. But using it to help some who really need it, that would.

Time to talk to a lawyer, I think.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this, Zoe. I have emailed the Commonwealth Ombudsman with this information and await his opinion on what I should do now.

Anonymous said...

The Ombudsman says this:

"I would suggest that you contact the Passport Office to discuss your case and enquire whether, given the AAT decision, the previous advice given to you, that you would not be eligible for a full validity passport in your correct sex unless you provided a Birth Certificate with that sex recorded on it, despite your claims that you are not able to do so for reasons beyond your control, is still correct.

I note that the AAT decision was handed down only late last week and it may be that Passport Office has not yet had time to fully consider the impact the decision may have on other applications and therefore it may not be able to give an immediate answer to your questions. It may be for example, that consideration will be given to appealing against the AAT's decision. If an appeal were to be lodged, it would be a matter for the Federal Court to decide."

Zoe, if you hear anything before I do, please let us all know!