Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Today's Battle

At the Detroit Free Press.

Is her next step going to be giving child molesors special rights? How about those who are into necromancy?
The things she is trying to protect is perverse behavior. It isn't like skin color that can't be changed. Nobody should get a special status because they behave in a certain way.
There was one of those of those trans guys in a Ford plant I did business with in Canada. It was gross to say the least, and it was a disruption for many of the men and women in the plant.

The plant management had to create a bathroom and a private dressing area for this freak. And trust me, it was creepy being near this thing. It had that heroine addict look or of someone carrying a deadly communicable disease.

And for all of you out there that support this type of perversion in the name of rights, you are one sick group of puppies. This is just one more example of the left lowering our once high moral standards and acceptable behaviour to that of a sewer rat.

This is a complete waste of time and money for the state of Michigan with the current circumstances we all face. What a bunch of rubbish, no wonder things are the way they are here. I guess you could say we are feeling the wrath of God for supporting such perversion, kinda like Sodom and Gomorrah. A group that the Democrat party would surely support!

You know, I love a Challenge.


Calamity Jane said...

Save your energy Zoe, you can't talk to sense to people like that.

Zoe Brain said...

But for every writer, there are ten readers.

When your opposition in a debate make themselves look like raving frothing-at-the-mouth loonies, and you're the voice of sweet reason, you have it sewn up.

Jane, these views are firmly in the mainstream in the USA. Every little bit helps.

Anonymous said...

Zoe, please keep up the great work on educating about intersex and transsexualism, and thank you so much for doing so. You are a real asset to us all.

Just one thing though, a sentence you contributed to the Detroit Free Press piece: "Transsexual kids know their brains and bodies are mismatched long before puberty. The ones who have it bad transition early, the ones with a milder form transition late, or not at all, dying early from stress related illness with their secret intact."

Transition early IF they have access to the facts and unbigoted and educated medical practitioners.

I never had those and nor did my beloved (both of us had it really bad), until quite recently. Nor do a great many of us still, in ALL parts of the world.

Far too many of us die needlessly still, as a result. 90% in deathcamp Western Australia, 50% in the rest of Australia, 30% in the rest of the world.

The endless dying has to stop.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I liked especially this comment:
"it's bush's fault. the fact that ya'll have a bush running the state that doesn't know a thing."

Was it someone spoofing, I wonder?

mythusmage said...

I'm feeling cruel right now, and cruel would be that clown being but on Lipitor for high cholesterol, and having a Zoe event.

Anonymous said...

Somewhat related etiquette question: how ought I to refer to pre-Event history? For instance, would it be "Alan was born in the UK, went to boys school, etc" Or were you Zoe retroactively, so to speak?
(I'm telling your story to my church group, nominally so they can pray for your travails with your bureaucracy but mainly so I can dent their preconceptions).

Unknown said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again: your patience with these neanderthals is beyond belief.

Zoe Brain said...

Laserlight - The AAP guidelines for journalists say oldname and oldgender before transition, newname and newgender after. So no retroactivity.
But really, as long as there is no malice involved, it's a trifle, and we have far more important things to worry about.

For example, that Western Australian study that showed 90% of TS people there die prematurely. That's anomalous, the average world death rate is only 30%, we need to find what's wrong and fix it. It should only be as bad as Cholera, not Ebola.

I think the only cases of Australian TS women being taken to hospital and then refused treatment there are in WA. Start with that. Doctors who deliberately let people die need to be called to account. This hardly ever happens any more in the US, and when it does, there's a stink about it. Not here. We can do something about that.

Thanks for asking though, manners and courtesy are never out of place, as they show respect for others. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am one of those Western Australian women, born with transsexualism and other intersex conditions, who was refused hospital admission and treatment in Deathcamp WA several times. Mercifully I no longer live in Perth.

I would love to know what can be done about it all, though.

After doing a great deal of digging I was told that such mistreatment is considered acceptable because bureaucrats in the WA Health Department have determined that IS and TS people are "insane."

The WA Minister for Health, who is also the State Attorney-General, knows about this mistreatment and the determination. This is the same AG who is responsible for WA being the worst offender when it comes to the almost total refusal of human and civil rights to IS and TS people. He consistently fails to turn up to law reform meetings of his own party.

Various WA ALP politicians know about all this stuff too. Nothing ever gets done about correcting any of it.

There is a bunch of so-called LGBTI organizations purporting to represent IS and TS people in WA. They know about the abuses and do nothing either. It is debatable whether any of those groups actually have any IS and TS members in them. Law reform efforts in WA always see IS and TS people being thrown under the bus by the LGB people. Several of those L people have now come out as TG.

At any rate, I have been told several times by the LBGTI groups' leadership that their members hate and fear IS and TS people. One of those leaders has a TS partner.

The WA ALP senator who was top of the ticket at the recent elections - safely voted in to office no doubt - is from the WA LGBTI organizations. Her partner is TG.

Will anything ever change? Will we keep dying at the rate of 90%? What really can be done? What do you think, Zoe?

Zoe Brain said...

Educate, that's what we can do.

Recently, I gave a short presentation at the tail-end of a lecture to some medical students at the ANU.

The medical culture here tends towards the conservative. Just a bit. But these fledgling doctors will now see IS and TS patients as, well, patients.

Legislative change is just a short-term band-aid. For lasting reform, we must correct misinformation, and work from the bottom up. Meanwhile taking what emergency crisis measures we can so the toll is not too high.

Well, that's my strategy anyway. Others are doing their part in different ways.

What do we do? We do what we can.

Anonymous said...

Who's Who chose a transsexual lesbian activist psychiatrist as the Outstanding Mental Health Professional of 2007-08

Anonymous said...

maurahennessy, i would love to know who that transsexual lesbian activist psychiatrist is! Australian or otherwise? Do you have a link? One of my dear Chon Buri sisters is a Harley Street intersex and former transsexual lesbian psychiatrist but she is no activist, so it cannot be her!